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Undergraduate Senior Film: WIndowsill Battle

FInal Animation

Senior Finished Film

Senior Finished Film

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My senior film was inspired by two worldwide games, "Plants vs. Zombies", and "Angry Birds".Both of these games are modes in which the characters use their own characteristics to attack the enemy. So I suddenly wondered: "What would be the story of having plants and birds fight?" This idea made me involuntarily unfold a war story that took place on the windowsill: Cactus vs. Little Red Bird.

At the end of the original setting, I had intended to make the cactus unexpectedly defeated the birdie. But at this time I realized that such a story seemed too bland and too hasty. Simply fighting will not allow the audience to realize the charm of animation, which is contrary to the reason why I like animation——the expression of the human being and the feelings that belong to human nature. 

So I revised the second half of the story: I led the bird to be aware of the bad things he did to the cactus and to think about how to remedy the tragedy that had occurred.  The cactus, on the other hand, when he saw the enemy felt sorry and changed, he chose to forgive. Both sides of the reconciliation have finally enabled the flowers of friendship to quietly bloomed.

Rough Storyboard

Character Design

Senior Film Video Process